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We are aware of our responsibility for future generations. SML Seamless Campus comes to life for a more careful use of resources, which are our common values, and a sustainable production. Join us...

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About SML Seamless

Founded in 2006, SML Tekstil San. (SML Seamless) It is a global manufacturer of many private label clothing products. It has production lines in four different cities, with its headquarters in Istanbul, Kırklareli industrial zone, Çerkezköy industrial zone and Kastomonu province.


Our company, which produces many brands in the European and American markets; It continues its production in Istanbul 5500 square meters closed, Kastamonu sewing section 2000 square meters closed, Çerkezköy industrial zone 5000 square meters closed (Our Dyehouse), and 3000 square meters closed area in Kırklareli industrial zone. In addition, Kırklareli industrial zone will start to serve in the second half of 2022 with its 40,000 square meters closed 37,000 square meters open areas Leed Certificate and sustainable green building concept. With this facility, it will share the firsts in its field with its customers.

SML Seamless in fully integrated facilities to meet the needs of rapidly developing online brands and online sales platforms, as well as the retail industry. It manufactures the production of outerwear and other seamless products, especially activewear and shapewear production, from yarn to packaged products completely in its own facilities.

185 pcs Santoni SM8 Top2 & SM8 Top2V

Production Capacity is 6.000.000 pcs / Year




Being a manufacturer brand...

The goal of branding in production, which will take SML Seamless one step higher among its global competitors.






We have been learning and developing since the day we were founded, and we do this with our dedicated team. We support and contribute to this culture on the development and development of our team.

We implement and plan manufacturing methods in accordance with sustainable and recyclable production methods.

We care about the power of communication in every sense and share every moment of our experience with our valuable business partners.





To make each member of our team feel like they own their own business. Creating Confidence and Happiness.

Taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers, create a sense of belonging and satisfaction.

To apply our transparent and fair management understanding equally, depending on the laws and rules.

Making sustainable production in our green factory with our responsibility to future generations and nature

Digitizing and applying lean production methods in our management and operating systems

Upholding our values of sincerity, honesty and quality

Our Mission

Our Vision


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