About Us

Having started seamless production in 2002, SML was later bought in 2006 by the GUVENİR GROUP. This lead SML to be an fully integrated company becoming one of the leaders in the sector. The overall production capacity reveals to be 450,000 pieces in seamless underwear and 350,000 pieces in sportswear. The knitting, dyeing, sewing and packaging processes fully take place in-house. Possesing the capacity to produce all kind of seamless product, SML present wide range of collection in shapewear, underwear, sportswear, activewear, and performancewear. 60% of the production consists of export to leading markets in Europe and Russia. Remaining 40% is balanced with well known local private label brands. SML is a professional set-up with it’s strong and experienced team consisting of marketing, R&D, merchandising and production. Not to mention being integrated except the yarn which is imported.


Our Mission 

In SML success means satisfaction. Our obligation is to keep you satisfied in each step on this long journey.
Our understanding of support and service is keeping you updated and on track with personal inspiration and input as well as sharing all expertise and knowledge that lies beyond.
SML offers you extensive A to Z service including trend scouting, designing, developing and all aspects related to your private label.



Our Vision

The road that leads to success passes from innovation and expertise. Having invested in the equipment and know-how needed, SML is one of the leaders in the sector with the outstanding service provided. We keep track of the every-day developing and evolving trends and techniques in different markets.
SML’s main policy is to work customer satisfaction based by developing, producing seamless in the required standarts to end user needs.